Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before using this website and when placing an order. Use of this website indicates that you accept the Terms and Conditions and those of the Delivery and Returns Policy and the Privacy Policy.

1. Use Of Site

This website is operated by Ear Buddies Limited. The content of this site in terms of text, graphics, and images belongs to Ear Buddies Limited. If you would like to reproduce, distribute, modify or publicly display the contents of www.earbuddies.com, you will need the prior written consent of Ear Buddies Limited.

2. About The Information

Ear Buddies Ltd does its utmost to ensure that we publish accurate and up to date information. In placing an order, you verify that you have satisfied yourself as to the appropriateness of the use of our goods for your particular needs, and have read and understood the EarBuddies® Fitting Process as set out in the Fitting Guide. However, we assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of www.earbuddies.com.

3. Submitted Information

Any information you provide to Ear Buddies Ltd through www.earbuddies.com will be treated as non-confidential unless you otherwise state. Anything you transmit or post becomes the property of Ear Buddies Ltd. We may use the information provided to Ear Buddies Ltd to contact you in the future. Full details of how we use this information can be found in our privacy policy.

4. Links To Other Websites

www.earbuddies.com contains links to other web sites, including secure third party software to process card payment details. These are provided solely as a convenience to you and access to any of these linked sites is at your own risk. Ear Buddies Ltd does not control, has no access to and is not responsible for any of these sites or their content.

5. Limitation Of Liability

Use of www.earbuddies.com is at your sole risk and you are responsible for all costs associated with your access to, or use of www.earbuddies.com. Ear Buddies Ltd, its directors, employees or any other representative will not be liable for any damages, losses, costs, claims or demands of any kind, whether direct, indirect, compensatory or consequential, related to your use of www.earbuddies.com or the information content, materials or products included on www.earbuddies.com. These terms are governed by English law and any dispute will be resolved exclusively by the English courts.

6. Changes To Our Terms and Conditions

The details of our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Delivery and Returns Policy may change over time. You should check these documents frequently to see if any recent amendments or additions have been made.

7. Last Modified

The Terms and Conditions and the Delivery and Returns Policy were last modified on 25th April 2022.