Ear Buddies™ en los Medios de Comunicación

Aquí se puede encontrar artículos y posts publicados durante los últimos 25 años. 

Nurture Magazine
“Reshaping Babies Ears”

Blog, The Portland Hospital, London
“Treating Malformations of the ear with EarBuddies”

Telegraph - Fix Baby Stick Out Ears
"Kit Fixes Stick Out Ears Without the Need for Surgery"

Mail on Sunday
“How to shape-up baby ears”

She Knows - Pregnancy and Baby
“Reshape your baby's ears”

BlogTalkRadio, Savvy Central - Christina Nitschmann talks to David Gault
“A Practice Providing Solutions for Ear Deformities”

Total Health - Authoritative Medical Information
“Pinnaplasty, is there an alternative?”

@BMI - Issue 12, Winter 2007, 'A Newsletter for staff working at BMI Hospitals'.
“EarBuddies - A first fit for the Bishops Wood”

Woman Magazine - 04/09/2006 'What a good idea!'.
“Surgery-free Ear Fixer”

Yorkshire Post - 24/05/2005
“Birth of first child led surgeon to develop splint technique”

Aesthetic Medicine - Industry News
“Ear Op Alternative”

The Examiner - Early Ear Correction™ can help put a stop to bullying
“An Ear Splinting Device can help end bullying”

Total Health - An End to Ear Surgery
“An end to Pinnaplasty”

Daily Mail - Wave Goodbye to Baby Big Ears
"Goodbye Baby Big Ears"

Huffington Post - What are EarBuddies
"What are EarBuddies?"

Blog, The Portland Hospital, London, the UK's number 1 private children's hospital
“Ear Deformities explained”

Synapse - BMI Bishops Wood Hospital - November 2007
“A smart start."

ENT News - Vol. 14, No. 6, January/February 2006

Daily Mail, Wednesday, May 25, 2005
“Payout and more operations for Mother whose surgery went wrong."

Royal College of Midwives Journal, October 1998, Vol. 1, No. 10
“Ear Buddies: ear shape and position corrector."

Sunday Express, October 1, 1995
“Cheer for bat-ears babies."

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