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Noviembre 2019 🇬🇧

"Naturally when your baby is born you think they are perfect and when Polly was born obviously I thought she was the most perfect baby, but I knew from day one that she had, unfortunately, inherited my ears. I think I could even tell in her 4D scan. I had my ears pinned back at 22 and then needed revision surgery which was painful. I hated wearing my hair up and still don’t because I think it’s just instilled in me. I didn’t want this for Polly and I googled to see if there was anything I could do to help.

I came across EarBuddies and ordered a kit. Polly was lucky enough to be born with the most beautiful head of dark hair and the thought of shaving it made me want to cry. I decided to book a consultation and fitting with Mr Gault. I did this and then let my partner know. I thought he would be so against it but having known me most of my life, he knew my hang-ups about my ears, and when I explained what needed to be done he agreed.

Baby with Stick Out Ear
Baby Ears Stick Out Review of EarBuddies

Mr Gault was lovely and could see how nervous I was. I explained everything to him and he listened and then carefully fitted Polly's EarBuddies. She was asleep the whole time! She was 2 weeks old. This may seem extreme but I am pleased we have done it. We are happy with the changes it has made to Polly, despite the hair cut! We were worried people may think it cruel but she is our baby and it is ultimately our decision. If you are hesitant, please go for it, we are glad we did."

Emma y su Hija Polly
Londres, Reino Unido


Octubre 2019 🇺🇸

"I wanted to leave a review to help other parents who may come across this product so they can make a more informed decision since the reviews were an important part of me deciding to purchase the product. I was lucky enough to have a healthy baby girl born without complications. We took her home a few days after her birth and cared for her like normal. No issues. One day when my daughter was a few weeks old a family member dropped in for a visit to see our baby. That’s when she said to me, “did you know your baby has an extra fold in her ear?” I did not notice this up until that point but she definitely did. New mom hormones kicked in and I immediately told my doctor about it.

They said that some babies can have ear deformities due to the way they are positioned in the womb. Although my paediatrician admitted they had never seen a child with an ear like hers, they said it would go away and not to worry about it. That answer didn’t sit well with me especially being a mother and wanting the best for my daughter no matter how silly the issue may seem to someone else. I did some reading on the internet which was very limited. Her ear looked very similar to those with conchal crus deformities. Although there wasn’t much information out there, everything I read stated it’s a cosmetic issue. It doesn’t seem to just go away like the doctor suggested. Also, it stated it was easiest to treat within the 1st few days and weeks of life since the ear cartilage is so soft as newborns and hardens with age. Eventually, if you do not do anything about it and did want it corrected in life later, you could have elective cosmetic surgery that is usually expensive and not covered by insurance.

After reading all this basic information I was not satisfied with my doctor’s response. I asked to see a plastic surgeon to get their opinion on it. Well that was a dead end! They didn’t schedule me for months and I could not contact anyone in the office to get seen sooner. I was worried that the longer you wait the harder it is to treat. Although I thought my daughter was perfect as her mother, I didn’t want to think about my baby girl growing into a teenager, noticing her ear and being insecure about it. Why not do something about it now instead of later risking insecurities? Especially if the only option later is surgery which sounds so extreme to me.

That is when I scoured the internet further and found the answer to all my problems. EarBuddies!! I looked at the site for hours and read all the information I could and other people’s experiences. I thought why not try them? They really were super inexpensive considering how much other options were and considering surgery later in life. After all, if it didn’t work out I could just stop and chalk it up to a failed experiment that was worth a try. It also made me nervous to think about doing it myself but there were very detailed instructions and I’m a healthcare practitioner. I can probably handle it. I ordered it and it shipped to me in reasonable time. I followed the instructions and applied them by the time she was about one month old. I got nervous and definitely changed them more frequently than instructed. I was afraid of skin breakdown. I splinted her for about 5 weeks total. Her ear was a little red during this process but no problems. There was some experimentation and adjustments needed of the EarBuddies as I went through each change to get it to fit and work better. Some people gave me weird looks and told me, “it’s just an ear!” But after that 5 weeks, she has a normal ear with no complications! My family members were surprised by our result and I was a proud mom who felt she did the right thing for her baby girl.

Baby with Conchal Crus Ear Deformity

Before EarBuddies - 1 month old

Baby Ear Review of EarBuddies

After 5 weeks using EarBuddies

Fast forward time, it has been a year and you can’t tell my baby ever had anything remotely wrong with her ear. I am so eternally grateful to EarBuddies for giving people a product that truly works in an affordable, easy to follow way that will forever impact children (including my own) for the rest of their lives. I now never have to worry one day my girl will hate her ear, get picked on for it, or try to hide her ear when she gets older. No expensive cosmetic surgery needed in her future. All thanks to EarBuddies and it being an easily accessible, affordable product available for those all over the world. The results are just amazing."

Brittany, Jeremiah & their Daughter
New York State, USA


Septiembre 2019 🇬🇧

"When Hannah was born in January 2019, we noticed straight away that one of her ears didn’t have much internal structure, was slightly lower than the other and stuck out quite a bit. We left it for a little while and then started to research possible alternatives to ear pinning, along with speaking to midwives and other health professionals who had said there was nothing that could be done as she was too young. We soon found EarBuddies online and were very impressed with the success stories so decided to give it a go.

baby born with folded down ear

EarBuddies Fitted

I was a bit dubious about the fitting at first but the instructions were very helpful, plus I decided to try with help from my Mum (and a sleeping baby - thank you Hannah). The first fitting was very tricky, more so because I was learning and I worried if I was doing it right, but I got there and when I saw a visible result after the first change of the tape I was very impressed. Hannah has been so good through out this process, plus my ability to apply the splints has improved! We started splinting just before she turned 4 months, 3 months down and the results are amazing, she has internal ear structure, the ears appear more aligned at the back and it no longer sticks out.

baby with one ear sticking out

Before EarBuddies

baby's ear after ear buddies

After 3 Months

baby's ear after ear buddies

Before EarBuddies

Baby photo with ear buddies

After 3 Months

Thank you EarBuddies!! So very pleased with these results, this product has been a life changer for Hannah, its taken away something that could have potentially lead to self-esteem issues. Both my husband and I are no longer worried about her having to grow up with one ear being very different from the other. Any parents out there who are wondering if it is worth doing……it is!"

Helen y su Hija Hannah
Hartlepool, Reino Unido


Agosto 2019 🇬🇷

"We realised our Daughter Alejandra's ears were pointing out when she was about a month old. I never heard about EarBuddies before until I searched online several times looking for a solution to her ears. At this point she was already 9 weeks old. We decided to go ahead but we also decided to start the splinting when she was almost 4 months old because we were going to be traveling for about 6 weeks. We moved from the UK to Greece and this involved a few trips. Even if starting the splinting later was against the advice given, we still got very good results and we are very happy.

baby with a folded taco ear sticking out

Before EarBuddies - 4 months old

baby's ear splint treatment with ear buddies

EarBuddies fitted

Baby ear photo review ear buddies

After 12 weeks

Baby ear review ear buddies

After 16 weeks

We cannot say it was easy because Alejandra had a lot of eczema and very sensitive skin on her face and head and she went through teething as well. We also could not keep the EarBuddies on for more than 10 days in a row, because her skin was getting very irritated but still with all these difficulties we got very good results after 16 weeks and we think it was very worth it. Alejandra's ears are not perfect but they look normal which was our goal. Thank you EarBuddies, we will ALWAYS recommend you."


Lola, Stelios y su Hija Alejandra


Julio 2019 🇬🇧

"Our gorgeous daughter was born in December 2018. By a couple of months old we noticed that her ears had started to protrude and were continuing to grow outwards. What worried us most was that they would fold over on themselves when she was feeding, moving her head when lying down, or when we put her into the car seat. This caused the back of her ears to catch and rub on things as the cartilage was still quite soft.

As well as the fact that this was uncomfortable for her, we were worried about the possibility of them continuing to grow outwards and maybe be a point of self-consciousness for her when she was older, or a subject of ridicule. We were aware of the availability of ear pinning operations when she was older but we really didn’t like the thought of future painful surgery. We were advised to research EarBuddies by the GP and when we read other parents’ experiences we decided to give them a try.

baby with a folded taco ear sticking out

Before EarBuddies - 4 months old

baby's ear splint treatment with ear buddies

EarBuddies fitted

Baby ear photo review ear buddies

During EarBuddies Treatment

Baby ear review ear buddies

After 11 weeks using EarBuddies

They were very easy to put on and take off and never bothered our beautiful daughter once, even though she has always been a very alert, active baby and we didn’t get started until she was 4 months old. They were also easy to hide behind pretty hairbands which actually just served to invite more compliments! After only 11 weeks she is now 6 and half months and the EarBuddies have made a huge difference, especially as the cartilage has begun to harden in the correct position. Thanks EarBuddies, we’re so pleased and now definitely know we made the right decision! We really couldn’t be happier with the results!"

Emma, Peter y su Hija Sophie
Irlanda del Norte


Junio 2019 🇦🇺

"When my daughter Celina was born her lobe was crinkled and her ears stuck out. After doing research, at 4 weeks old we purchased EarBuddies. Everyone who saw them on her ears thought it was great that we were fixing the problem now rather than waiting until she was older and needing expensive surgery.

baby with a folded taco ear sticking out

Before EarBuddies - 6 weeks old

Baby ear review ear buddies

After 4 weeks using EarBuddies

We took them off last night and are so incredibly thrilled with the results!!! The entire process was so easy. They didn’t bother her at all and they were easy to take off when the tape needed to be changed. Thank you EarBuddies!"

Amy y su Hija Celina
Melbourne, Australia


Mayo 2019 🇬🇧

"My daughter was born in January 2019 and immediately her ears would fold over when holding her, creating a point in the ear and also causing the natural crease in the ear to almost disappear [antihelix not properly formed]. We were advised not to worry that the ears were folding, however after a few weeks it became apparent that the ears were becoming more pointed and that this was going to become permanent if we didn’t do anything.

After speaking to my GP and hearing her experiences of failed, painful ear pinning operations on children I decided to do some research. I came across the EarBuddies website and after reading many parent testimonials and looking at before and after pictures, we decided to give them a try. We said that we would only continue as long as EarBuddies were not bothering her and they didn’t bother her at all. They were easy to apply while she was sleeping and she was not aware of them at all. The tapes didn’t irritate her skin and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. They were also easily hidden by cute headbands.

baby with a folded taco ear sticking out

Before EarBuddies - 8 weeks old

baby's ear splint treatment with ear buddies

After 8 weeks using EarBuddies

Baby ear photo review ear buddies

Before EarBuddies - 8 weeks old

Baby ear review ear buddies

After 8 weeks using EarBuddies

We applied the EarBuddies at 8 weeks and within the first 2 weeks there was a clear difference. Now at 16 weeks we are so happy with the results. Her ear has a clear, neat shape and you would never know there had been a point to them 8 weeks ago. I would recommend EarBuddies to any parents looking for an easy, pain-free solution to misshapen ears."

Kelly y su Hija Blaire
Glasgow, Reino Unido


Abril 2019 🇺🇸

"Our son's name is Connor Spears and we are from Dayton, OH. Our son's ear was completely folded (like a taco) when he was born which caused the ear to not develop normally by the fold in his ear being shaped upward. We were told it would straighten itself out by the time we left the hospital. As you can see it did not do that.

After seeing an ENT specialist we were told nothing could be done to fix the ‘problem' except surgery at around 5 years old. We asked the Doctor about this process [EarBuddies] and he said there is no way it would work. The first picture is days after he was born. The second picture is from March 1st. The third picture is from today, March 11. We started using EarBuddies on March 3. Thank you!

baby with a folded taco ear sticking out

Connor recién nacido

baby's ear splint treatment with ear buddies

Antes de EarBuddies - 01/03/19

Baby ear photo review ear buddies

Después de EarBuddies - 11/03/19

Baby ear review ear buddies

Mismo foto con menos zoom

Jessica, Blaine y su Hijo Connor
Ohio, EEUU


Marzo 2019 🇬🇧

"Hi. I wanted to put forward our story for ear of the month as we are over the moon with the results and wanted to share our success. When our daughter was born in January 2019, we noticed straight away that one of her ears was folded and a different shape from the other ear. Despite assurances the ear would correct itself from midwives it remained a different shape and very pointy and sticking out. My partner had suffered with bullying and a painful surgery due to problems with his ears being prominent which I did not want my daughter to experience.

After some research I came across EarBuddies and booked at appointment to see Mr Gault at his clinic on Great Portland Street when Penelope was 2 and a half weeks old. Immediately Mr Gault could see there was an issue that would not correct itself.

baby born with folded down ear

Before EarBuddies

He fitted the EarBuddies and immediately managed to shape the ear to a normal shape. We felt very reassured by Mr Gault who said we would have a full cure to her problem within a few weeks. Straight away we could see a difference in the ear shape as soon as the ear buddy was fitted. She was not phased or bothered at all by the ear buddy being fitted or when worn. We found the ear buddy easy to fit at home. She now has a normal ear and we couldn’t be happier for her. Although she was perfect to us and we wouldn’t change her, I couldn't deprive her of an opportunity for her ear to be corrected so easily and quickly without the need for surgery or pain.

This is such a great product and I really strongly believe it should be more widely publicised by midwives and doctors if a deformity is spotted at birth. I would really like to extend my thanks to Mr Gault for such great results. I think there should be so much more awareness of this product as it is such a low cost, pain free way to easily and quickly solve issues with babies ears."

Katherine y su Hija Penelope
Hertfordshire, Reino Unido


Febrero 2019 🇺🇸


"Our son was born on December 20, 2018. I noticed that his ears looked different to mine and his Father's. I began to do some research online and discovered that he had Stahl’s Ear affecting both of his ears. I first took my son to the Pediatrician who then said that the condition would fix itself with time, or if I was overly concerned, he would refer our son to a plastic surgeon.

I began to do further research on Stahl’s Ear and came across EarBuddies online. We ordered EarBuddies and began the splinting process when Griffin was about 2 weeks old. We continued with the splinting for three weeks. We couldn’t be happier with the results. I would definitely recommend EarBuddies and I wish that medical providers here in the U.S. would recommend splinting instead of surgery."

Brandi, Kirk y su Hijo Griffin
California, Estados Unidos


Enero 2019 🇬🇧


"Our little boy Alessandro was born in March 2018 and, after about three months, we noticed that his ears had started to drift further and further out. By the time he was 5 months, they were noticeably protruding and we found that they would fold over on themselves when we were holding him in a cradle position, putting a hat on him or putting him into his car seat.

Although our son is the most beautiful thing in the world to us, we were both conscious of the possibility of him being teased for having 'stick out ears'. I had a prominent squint as a child and know first hand how an aesthetic problem can impact on self-esteem and lead to bullying. So we were intrigued when my sister (a GP) told us that she had read about a way of bringing Alessandro's ears back in without the need for surgery.

After doing our research and going through lots of parent testimonials on the EarBuddies website we decided to the plunge and we are so glad we did! As you can see from the before and after progress photos attached, the splints have made a huge difference to Alessandro's ears.

Although we were initially worried that he might be too old for the splints to be effective, we've found the results really impressive. We've even managed to keep up splinting while Alessandro went through teething (and the ear pulling that goes with it!). Although we had a few occasions on which he ripped the tapes off in his sleep, with a little perseverance and taking our time we've manage to stick at it and achieve brilliant results.

Now Alessandro has finished his EarBuddies journey, his ears are looking fantastic. We’ve had so many positive comments about what a huge difference it’s made and couldn’t be more pleased. To any parents who aren’t sure yet, we’d say do take the plunge - even with an older baby it doesn’t take long to master applying and removing the splints and the results are great. Alessandro hasn’t been in pain or bothered at all by the splints and we think he’ll be very happy with the look of his ears in the future. Thank you EarBuddies!"

Elena, James y su Hijo Alessandro
Kent, Reino Unido


Diciembre 2018 🇬🇧


"We only found out about EarBuddies through researching cosmetic ear surgery due to our baby having a prominent ear. Upon researching, we came across the EarBuddies website. We looked up reviews and decided we would give it a go. Our little boy was already 8 months old, therefore through reading the website we were prepared to have the EarBuddies in for at least 4 months before we would notice any change.

Day 1, I was a little anxious about getting out the baby clippers to clip away the hair around our sons ear however it was manageable. We bathed him and followed the instructions given in the kit. A fairly simple process. I was concerned that as soon as the splint was in and the ear taped back he would pull at it, but he didn't notice it in the slightest.

baby born with folded down ear

Day 12, due to our son being quite a sweaty baby the tape had lifted therefore it was time to remove and start again. This was quite tricky and we found his head, behind the ear was a little red so we cleaned the area, applied the cream as directed and left it for 4 days before starting again. However, we could already see the difference in the ear from when we had begun using the EarBuddies 2 weeks ago.

Day 17, we reapplied the splint and taped back the ear again. Our son was not bothered by it at all. Obviously, throughout this whole period people were constantly asking us what was wrong with his ear and when we explained what it was and what it was doing, people looked confused or gave a look as though it would never work.

Day 30 came along and it was time to refresh the tape. We removed the plasters and splint to clean the ear and were completely surprised to see how well the EarBuddies had continued to work. Looking back at the before picture and the post 2 weeks picture we were absolutely amazed! We decided from here we were happy with the result so chose to end the EarBuddies treatment there. Our son was only breast fed up until he was 4 weeks old, and he has been formula fed since. We also began weaning at 4 months so he was pretty much fully fledged on solids when we began using the EarBuddies.

I would highly recommend this product. It needs to be marketed more across mothers / mothers-to-be websites, magazines, groups and social media. I wish I had known about EarBuddies when our son was born however our son had the EarBuddy in for less than 30 days in total from 8 months old and we are extremely happy with the outcome. I couldn't rate EarBuddies highly enough! Thank you. I will forever be promoting your amazing product!"

Annabel y s u Hijo
Buckinghamshire, Reino Unido


Noviembre 2018 🇳🇱


"I would like to share my experience with you. My baby boy was born with a Stahl's Bar on his left ear, which runs in our family. We heard about EarBuddies through our midwife and ordered when our son was 3 days old. 3 days later we received the order and started using them right away. The results were very good after 2 weeks, when we removed the EarBuddies for our baby's photo shoot. We fitted again 1 day later as the advice is to continue for 3 to 4 weeks.

Before EarBuddies (5 days old)

babies ear after ear buddies

EarBuddies Fitted (6 days old)

babies ear after ear buddies

After 2 Weeks (Baby Photoshoot)

babies ear after ear buddies

After 3.5 Weeks (end of treatment)

5 months after ending treatment

We stopped using EarBuddies after 3 to 4 weeks, and we are very satisfied with the results. He is now 6 months old and it still looks very nice. We’ve been recommending EarBuddies to our friends and family, and also to other parents. It is very easy to use, and is a small effort for very good results for the rest of their lives. And you help your kids avoid being bullied or having scary surgery in the future. We are very satisfied, thanks!"

Emel y su Hijo
Amsterdam, Holanda

Octubre 2018 🇬🇧


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to EarBuddies. At 10 weeks, I thought that was the way my daughter's ears would be. Nobody said anything could be done, but I thought this is the 21st century there must be something... and there it was, EarBuddies. I spent the whole day reading the stories and how it all worked. We ordered our premium kit and when it arrived we cracked on. We started Ettie at 10 weeks old. I’m not going to lie, a 10 week old baby who can fight that little bit more was hard work.

Baby wearing EarBuddies Hat

"Here's one of her wearing the EarBuddies hat"

After two weeks we noticed an improvement but we also noticed a sore on our baby's ear. I was distraught about it all. I wasn’t sure if I should give up or carry on. I read the FAQs to find some answers. We decided to go for it again and this time there were no sores and I found that it got a little bit easier, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks it got easier and easier. The finished results are amazing.

I’m so pleased that we persisted and didn’t give up. It can be a stressful time with a new baby and a toddler demanding your attention but we did it and now our baby girl has some newly shaped ears that no longer stick out. If you're not sure about getting EarBuddies for your baby all I can say is what have you got to lose? Thanks."

Jo y su Hija Ettie
West Sussex, UK


Septiembre 2018 🇬🇧


"Hello, I’m the mother of Carter Gray Johnson and we started the EarBuddies journey when he was 5 weeks old. He had two kinks in his ears from birth, and the results after wearing them for 8 weeks are amazing. After the first week we already noticed a difference. We changed the tapes every week and were amazed at the changes every time we took them off.

bend in babies ear

Right Ear Before

ear buddies parent fitting

After 8 Weeks

corrected baby ear usa parent story

Left Ear Before

ear buddies parent review 2018

After 8 Weeks

The tapes are really easy to apply once you have done them a few times, and they didn’t bother Carter at all. My health visitor also asked about them when she came to visit us, and was amazed by EarBuddies as she had never heard of them. She also asked me for the EarBuddies website so she could recommend to other Mothers. We are so happy we went through with it. 100% worth every penny. Thank you."

Amelia y su Hijo Carter
Nottingham, Reino Unido


Agosto 2018 🇬🇧


"My Daughter was born with both ears folded down (Rim Kink) and after an intense 3+ hour labor I thought it would fix itself. I heard mixed opinions from hospital and paediatrician office that it would stay or was told it would unfold after some time. My daughter was born January 21, 2018 and after a few weeks of noticing it didn’t get better, perhaps a little worse, I knew my husband and I had to do something especially since she is a female and would want to wear her hair up and accessorize with earrings and I didn’t want to draw attention to the issue one day. My mom actually assisted me with research and found EarBuddies and we are so very fortunate that we found your miracle product!!! Before I purchased the splints I even took my daughter to see a pediatric plastic surgeon who recommended another specialist in Philadelphia that does ear splints. When I called for an appointment they told me they did not see babies after 6 weeks so I was already about a month too late by the time I got the push to try and fix the issue ( at first I was OK with leaving as is and praying she would grow out of it).

baby born with folded down ear

Left Ear before EarBuddies

I read everything online about EarBuddies and loved the feedback from parents. I ordered the end of April and it shipped super quick. I was able to begin splinting beginning of May and directions were easy to follow and came with all the supplies clearly marked. The first splinting was a little tough but after that it got easier and I learned that the splints needed to be changed when my daughter was asleep so she didn’t move around. I splinted both ears for 12 weeks and would change at every 10-14 days to check progress and clean. The left ear made almost perfect improvement and you cannot notice there was ever an issue.

bend in babies ear

February - Left Ear before EarBuddies

ear buddies parent fitting

April - Left Ear before EarBuddies

corrected baby ear usa parent story

End of Splintage - 4th August

ear buddies parent review 2018

End of Splintage - 7th August

The right ear made huge improvement and there is still a slight dip in the cartilage that unfortunately couldn’t be corrected but possibly will bend up and get better as her ear grows and hardens more. The wipes that are given to remove tape are miraculous!!! They take the tape off skin/hair without pulling and hurting. I even ordered more wipes and tape midway of splinting and they shipped and delivered less than a week to get to US!!!!

February - Right Ear before EarBuddies

ear buddies parent rim kink result

May 4th - Right Ear before EarBuddies

corrected kink in baby ear

End of Splintage - 4th August

corrected ear in babies buddies parent review

End of Splintage - 7th August

I would highly recommend this product to any parent that ever faced this issue. I’m so mad hospitals and pediatricians aren’t more aware of this and give info to parents, especially the pediatrician office. My pediatrician office was so happy with the results and thought the product was awesome!!!! I’m so happy that I made it through the splinting process and never gave up hope. I feel like my daughter will one day see what we did for her and be so thankful that we took a chance. Huge kudos to EarBuddies for creating the product and making it so easy to use and having such helpful customer service staff to answer inquiries. I’m so happy we found you and took this chance to help our daughter (even though she is perfect in our eyes)!! No regrets at all."

Sra. M & su Hija
New Jersey, Estados Unidos


Julio 2018 🇺🇸


"When my son Connor was born, I noticed that his ears were folded causing the bottom of the ear to curve up (Stick-Out Lobe) and the top of the ear to be pointed. I thought he was a beautiful baby boy, but I was concerned of how his ear shape would appear as he got older. Being a boy, we plan to keep his hair short so his ears will naturally be exposed at all times! I did some research on the internet and discovered the EarBuddies option for early ear correction. I hesitated at first (was I being vain?) but knew that I would regret NOT trying something when he was little and unaware of the situation. We started EarBuddies when he was around 2 months old and after approximately 6 weeks of taping/splinting, we decided we were happy with the results!

baby earlobe sticks out

Right Ear Before

ear buddies stick out lobe

Splint & Narrow Tapes Fitted

baby ear lobe deformity fix

Wide Tapes Fitted

baby's ear lobe fix

After 6 Weeks

I feel like if he was born with the ears he has now, I would have never thought anything of it. I was amazed at how much the EarBuddies helped in such a short period of time. I have no regrets in buying this product and sparing my son possible teasing in the future!

I loved how clearly all the supplies were labeled and how thorough the instructions were. With my son having SO much hair, the electric razor was so handy as well! I am so glad we decided to purchase EarBuddies and I believe it was worth all the money we spent knowing that we spared our son from more invasive treatments in the future.

I have included pictures from our process. We would love for him to be considered for Ear of the Month and hope you also see the great progress his ears have made from start to finish! And here's one last picture of him now at 4 months old with his fancy new ears and hair growing back! Thank you so much EarBuddies!"

Anna y su Hijo Connor
California, Estados Unidos
babys ear fixed with earbuddies

At 4 Months Old

Junio 2018 🇬🇧


"Good morning, my name is Chris. My wife Melody and I were told by the pediatrician at our 1-week appointment (8 days old), to reach out to a local plastic surgeon for their ear splinting procedure called E** W***. We found out this process would be $3,600 USD. To that, I turned to google searching alternatives and also considered not doing anything.

I ran across EarBuddies and presented the idea to my wife. We were hesitant and scared to do anything DIY with our new baby. We are first time parents so the stress level of this decision was quite high. The detailed instructions on the website made us a bit more comfortable. We placed the order and got EarBuddies first placed on his ears at 3.5 weeks old. We kept them on for a full 4 weeks. We are really pleased with the results.

baby born with folded over ear

Lop Ear at birth

At 8 days old

Day 1 of EarBuddies

Splint in place

Day 4 of EarBuddies

After 28 days of EarBuddies

You can see from birth to day one of EarBuddies there was some self-correction happening, but with the EarBuddies we were confident in adjusting the "lop" of his ear to a more "corrected" position by splinting. We ended up taping both ears, but only one ear had the lop. Thank you EarBuddies for providing a GREAT solution for this baby boy of ours. We might have cried (out of stress) in placing the splints on the first day, but by the 3rd-4th splinting we felt really comfortable. Thanks again!!"

Chris, Melody y su Hijo
Texas, Estados Unidos


Mayo 2018 🇨🇦


"We have been so happy with EarBuddies! My baby was born with a very rare ear malformation, an inverted conchal bowl. The conchal bowl was pushed-out rather than cupped-in, resulting in a very narrow ear canal. Beyond the cosmetic appearance, I was worried about future risk of external ear infections due to the extremely narrow canal, and functional difficulties with wearing an ear-bud style headset when my baby was older.

"I was worried about ... functional difficulties with wearing an ear-bud style headset when my baby was older."

I had assumed my baby would one day require an otoplasty. Through internet searches I learned that ear splinting was an option when babies are young, and can help them avoid surgery. I called every otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon in the closest 4 major cities near us, looking for someone who could help us. To my surprise no one performed ear splinting.

I was very lucky to be told about EarBuddies by another mom. I decided I would give it a try, and if it seemed to bother my baby, or if there was lack of results, we would simply stop. After the first week of splinting, when it was time to change the tapes, the results were amazing. My baby's ear looked essentially normal. We kept taping for several more weeks, to ensure the correction would be permanent. The tapes and splint never seemed to bother my baby at all.

baby ear with inverted conchal bowl

Before EarBuddies

ear buddies parent conceal crus fitting

At Step 5 of Fitting Guide

corrected conchal bowl baby ear

End of Splintage (4 Weeks)

corrected conchal crus baby ear buddies parent review

4 Months Later

My baby is now 6 months old, and it has been over 4 months since we completed treatment with EarBuddies. The ear still looks fantastic. My baby's pediatrician was amazed, and wanted to learn more about the EarBuddies system. Our plastic surgeon wanted to know where we purchased EarBuddies (from the UK website), so that he could recommend it to other patients. Thank you!"

Olivia y su Bebé
Saskatchewan, Canada


Abril 2018 🇬🇧


"When Ted was born I noticed one of his ears was completely flat with no curl at all and the other one was flatter than it should be due to extra cartilage running through his ear. I asked various Midwives and Health Visitors about this and no one knew anything about it. Some told me it would fix itself over time and some said it was just how his ears had formed and nothing could be done about it.

I took Ted to the Doctor and they didn't know anything about it either. So I did some research online and realised that he had Stahl's Bar in both ears. I called the Doctor and explained my discovery and it wasn't something she had ever heard of… However it came to light that a collegue of hers (a fellow Doctor) had, as she had used EarBuddies succesfully on her little boy for the same deformity. This gave us the confidence to buy and fit EarBuddies with the guidance of the Doctor.

Ted was just under 2 weeks old when we fitted the EarBuddies. We kept them on for 2 weeks no problem; the plasters did get mucky and I was dying to take them off and wash his ears but we persevered and could see a massive difference after 2 weeks. We were so pleased! We refitted the EarBuddies ourselves again after letting the ears breathe for 24 hours. As I am breastfeeding, we did an extra week.

baby's ear cartilage folded

Right ear before EarBuddies

correction of pointy out baby ears

After 3 weeks

Both ears now have a lovely curl and we are so pleased we discovered EarBuddies in time, as my only concern had been teasing when he was older. The only issue was that no health professional seemed to know anything about either the deformity or the EarBuddies, and we feel more people should be aware of this, especially in the NHS. Thank you EarBuddies."

Sarah y su Hijo Ted
Halifax, Inglaterra, Reino Unido

Marzo 2018 🇺🇸


"At my daughter's 2 month well-check appointment, I mentioned the deformed cartilage on her right ear to her pediatrician. I told her I wouldn't want to do surgery to fix it because it's just cosmetic, but then she told me about a product called EarBuddies they recommend. After the appointment, I went home and researched and noticed it's from the UK. After seeing the price, I tried to find any sort of knock-off products from here in the US because I couldn't believe with all the success stories and how simple the device looked, that nobody had come up with it sooner. There wasn't anything else.

I emailed the pediatrician and told her I was wary of trying it because it looked difficult to fit and I was worried I'd make it worse if I fit it wrong. She told me she's seen a few success stories personally and the surgeons recommend it as an early intervention too. I discussed it with my husband and we decided that the deformity could cause our daughter to have self esteem issues or be teased when she's older and it was worth the risk to try it now, rather than a painful and expensive surgery later in life. If EarBuddies didn't work, we would feel better that we at least tried, than not tried at all.

baby born with stick out ears
baby stahl spock ears

Well, it's only been 3 weeks so far, we started splinting at 3 months old, and ITS WORKING! When we take off the splint, her ear looks normal! Attached are progression shots of before splinting, 1 week of splinting, and 3 weeks of splinting. The other picture is another angle of before splinting and now at 3 weeks. The instructions are very clear on fitting the splint and gets it easier with time (as easy as it can with a wiggly baby).

Thank you EarBuddies for creating a product that allows children to avoid surgery and self esteem issues later in life! My daughter will be as grateful as we are."

Follow up - February 2019
review ear buddies stahl bar pointed treated at home by parent

"I would just like to say THANK YOU again for your product. We won the March 2018 Ear of the Month and finished splinting in June 2018. My daughter is now 14 months old and I am constantly looking at how perfect her ear looks. Thank you for saving her possible embarrassment later in life!!!"

Erica y su Hija
California, Estados Unidos

Febrero 2018 🇺🇸


"When my fourth son Augie was born, one of his ears looked a little 'off.' His ear looked a bit smooshed and pointed at the top and I thought maybe it was from the birth, his position in the womb, or even from breastfeeding, and that it would correct itself. It really wasn't anything too extreme and I wasn't that worried about it. However, by the time he was 6 weeks old, it started to become more and more prominent and very elf-like. I was worried that he may be teased as he got older and didn't want that for him.

"I was so excited to discover that his ear could be reshaped without surgery..."

After some research, I discovered that he had an ear deformity called Stahl's bar and that it could be corrected as an infant by wearing an ear mold. I was so excited to discover that his ear could be reshaped without surgery and that it seemed to be an easy fix. When I found this awesome, simple device called EarBuddies (that I was able to do myself) I ordered it right away and received the mold very quickly (in about 5 days) considering I live in the U.S.

Augie started wearing the mold at 8 weeks old and wore it for a total of 8 weeks. The process was a little stressful for the first fitting, we had to re-do it the first time! Once I nursed him to sleep for our second try we were able to place it fairly easily. After that first fitting, all other tape changes were much easier, as his ear was already shaped at that point, and then it was just keeping it in place. His ear is beautiful now and we are so excited!

Thank you EarBuddies!"

Erin y su Hijo Augie
California, Estados Unidos


Erin ha escrito sobre su experiencia con EarBuddies en su blog, Poise through the Noise, que se puede encontrar aquí.

Tomen nota: esto es una opinión independiente sobre la experiencia de Erin. Se debe prestar atención a los consejos e instrucciones oficiales del sitio web de EarBuddies a la hora de pensar si EarBuddies es apto para su hijo/a y también antes de poner EarBuddies.

baby born with stick out ears

Update 09/03/19 : "I can’t believe this was one year ago. My baby’s ear is still perfectly holding it’s shape from using an ear mold for a grand total of 8 weeks. This was an amazing solution to my son’s ear deformity that didn’t require surgery. So grateful!"


Enero 2018 🇬🇧


"When our son was born it became apparent he had a slight ear deformity. His right ear in particular was pointed and slightly folded over but we just assumed it would sort itself out over time.

Unfortunately though it wasn't long before we started to get 'innocent' comments from family and friends. Things such as "aww look at his cute little elf ear" and even comparing our newborn son to Yoda & Dobby! I'm sure no harm was meant but it started to really affect me and I became paranoid about his ear folding when he was held and feeding. I stared to worry about the comments he may get as he gets older and future bullying!! But it was when surgery was mentioned that I decided to Google what options we had. That's when I came across EarBuddies.

newborn baby with pointy out ears

Stahl's Bar Deformity at birth

After thoroughly reading the website, I was keen to give it a go. I was initially scared by what others might think and my husband took a little talking round, but the whole family has been amazed how well it's worked and I'm so glad we decided to give EarBuddies a try. I decided to be honest when questioned about the tapes, and most people were very understanding. We were even surprised when my husband's best friend knew what EarBuddies were having researched himself in case his newborn daughter inherited his ears!

baby ear with stahl's bar Spock deformity

Right ear with Stahl's Bar Deformity

We started the process when my son was 11 weeks old and I was very impressed with the fast delivery time. To be honest, I found the first fitting a little stressful and fiddly, but it got much easier each time. I found fitting when asleep to be the best time. I'm so glad I stuck it out!

baby ear with stahl's bar Spock deformity

Right ear before EarBuddies

ear buddies parent reviews British

Right ear after 16 weeks

corrected stick out baby ear Arizona USA

Both ears before EarBuddies

corrected stick out stahls baby ear buddies parent review uk

Both ears after 16 weeks

I changed the tapes every 10 days or so, but wish I'd brought more tapes to start with as cheaper ones don't match up and irritated his ears. I ended up ordering more and paying more postage. We've kept the tapes on for 16 weeks in total and have been very pleased with the results so far, especially for the shape."

Nicola y su Hijo
Rochester, Reino Unido


Diciembre 2017 🇺🇸


"My husband and I decided that a surprise gender wasn’t adventurous enough for us with our first child and so we took it one step further and surprised one another with our baby’s name. We each chose (and kept secret) a name&mdashmy husband a boy’s and I a girl’s. Lo and behold, it was a boy...which meant I heard my son’s name for the first time the hour after he was born. Needless to say, I hated the name. Ha !!

To make matters worse, as the months went on, I began to notice his ears were becoming more and more pronounced. I ignored it for a while but then people starting making comments...”oh look at those cute ears!...awww, whose ears are those?” etc. It suddenly dawned on me - with a name like Wolfric and ears that resembled a bat (albeit an adorable one) my precious baby was most likely being set up for countless hours of cruel elementary and middle school jokes.

baby born with stick out ears

Baby Wolfie before EarBuddies

baby shower cap

If you choose to use a shower cap, you must constantly supervise your baby and ensure that it does not cover baby's face.

"How we kept the ears dry during baths, haha!"

Kids have enough obstacles to overcome with their self-esteem, I didn’t want to add to the issues! So I began researching solutions and stumbled upon EarBuddies. What an awesome system! So simple, affordable, and obviously reputable. And as with any good success story, this one did not come without its challenges (mostly because the majority of the splinting I completed by myself - talk about a test of patience and creativity!)

We began splinting at 3.5 months and finished at 6.5 months. We splinted for one solid month with no issues and WOW what a difference we saw immediately [picture below]. After a couple of days of giving the skin a break, the ears started turning back out. We splinted again for a total of 2 more months, with several breaks in between due to a couple of mishaps - not waiting long enough for the barrier cream to dry which led to an infection; breastmilk seeping behind the tape which created an issue too...but we finally made it and it was worth it.

fix prominent baby ear

Day before splinting

ear buddies parent review USA

Immediately after taking tape off, 1 month later

corrected stick out baby ear Arizona USA

After 3 Months

corrected stick out baby ear buddies parent review uk

Final result (over 48 hours after tape came off)

I’m happy to report that in these 3 months, not only did we correct what could have been a lifetime of self-confidence issues, I have also grown to LOVE my little Wolfie’s name."

Amber y su Hijo Wolfie
Arizona, Estados Unidos


Noviembre 2017 🇺🇸

"When our daughter was born in late August of this year, we noticed that one of her ears was cupped and sticking out. She had a lack of cartilage in her inner ear. The only thing we could think about was her possibly needing surgery when she's older to correct this probably... That is until we found out about EarBuddies.

"EarBuddies has completely reshaped our daughter's ear in as little as 6 days!"

EarBuddies has completely reshaped our daughter's ear in as little as 6 days! We looked at the results on the sixth day to make sure her ear wasn't getting irritated and to our amazement, her ear looked almost perfect! We left the EarBuddy in her ear for 2 more weeks and couldn't be happier with the results. Although the recommended time for us to keep the EarBuddy in her ear was 2 months, we were satisfied as to how well her ear looked at just 3 weeks.

I highly recommend this product! It is so worth every penny! I have attached a before EarBuddies picture of my daughter's ear (1st picture) and after pictures of her ear. Thanks for such an amazing product!!!"

Elyse y su Hija
Michigan, Estados Unidos

Octubre 2017 🇬🇧

"We have been absolutely delighted with EarBuddies. Olivia was born with her right ear folded in half which started uncurling outwards resembling a cauliflower. Our GP told us she would need reconstructive surgery when she was seven which I was not happy about. I came across EarBuddies by chance online and after an initial fitting by Mr Gault when she was three months, we soon got the hang of the fitting. After three months her ear is perfect. I would recommend it to anyone as it's given such fantastic results without resorting to surgery."

fix cauliflower baby ear cupped folded what to do

Before EarBuddies - severe Cup Ear deformity

correction of sticky out baby ears corrected with earbuddies parent review uk

After EarBuddies

Sra. C y su Hija Olivia
Reino Unido

Septiembre 2017 🇬🇧

"When our son was born I noticed he had prominent ears and that they were bent over. I thought that this would correct itself after a few days but instead they started to get worse. I looked into ear splinting as I didn't want my son being bullied when he was older. If I could do something whilst he was so young, it would benefit him. After researching and discussing it with our GP, it was decided to fit him with EarBuddies. They were delivered the day after ordering and fitted when he was 15 days old.

Myself and partner fitted the splints easily (helps when baby is asleep). We changed the tapes after 1 week and were amazed by the results! He was able to have his hearing test whilst wearing the splints. The tapes were reapplied and changed again after another week and left for a further week (3 weeks in total). We are really pleased with the results after such a short time and would recommend this product for stick out ears. Thank you EarBuddies!!"

Amy y su Hijo
Weston-super-Mare, Reino Unido

Agosto 2017 🇬🇧

"I would love to share my story and show the success of using EarBuddies on my daughter. When my little girl was born, the only issue with her ears was that the rim was slightly folded over, which was barely noticeable. However within the first few days I noticed that the whole ear folded over when breast-feeding or being cuddled. It wasn’t until she was 7 weeks old that her ears began to stick out. So, when the Health Visitor came around I asked her about the benefits of EarBuddies – she made me feel like I was being completely out of order asking, saying that she couldn’t see anything wrong and that she was perfect the way she was – so I did nothing at this point.

When she was 14 weeks old, they had become more pronounced and luckily my husband admitted that he thought they had to – it was at this point, with the support to go ahead, that I bought the EarBuddies. My first attempt I fitted them with my sister who had also used the EarBuddies in 2015 when she managed to correct the rim kink in her sons ear. It was a stressful process for me but finally we managed to get them on. I had to change the tapes on a regular basis as it was during the heatwave, but it became a lot easier over time as I got used to it. I learnt applying them when breastfeeding was the best time for me.

"After several months we really noticed a change, her ears are now much less pronounced and I am so thankful for discovering EarBuddies!"

baby's ear sticking out what to do

Before EarBuddies™

correction of sticky out baby ears corrected with ear buddies parent review any good

After EarBuddies™

There are a few points I would share with any parent thinking of using EarBuddies:

  • Go with your instinct as a parent – don’t rely on others telling you that it’s a good decision – people will just say your baby is perfect. To be honest, I thought my baby’s sticking out ears were so cute, however I knew that they may not look this way when she grew up.
  • Remember, especially when fitting them for the first time, that it will be distressing but persevere – I panicked and rushed but wish I hadn’t because I knew she wasn’t in any pain, just upset. Because I rushed I had to redo one side 24 hours later.
  • Buy the premium pack if your baby is over 1 month – I was a bit naïve thinking I was saving money by buying the basic kit even though my daughter was 3 months. I thought I could make the tapes last more than 2 weeks at a time – I did not and ended up having to go back and buy more tapes.
  • Be prepared for a mix of emotions from people – I had someone tut at me, and some people who didn’t see why I was doing it, through to a nurse who thought I was a good mother for trying everything to correct it in a way that wasn’t painful such as surgery in later life.

Thank you EarBuddies for helping me to correct my little girls ears!! I would recommend any parent thinking of using these to give them a try as it's worth the effort!"

Sra. J y su Hija
Somerset, Reino Unido

Julio 2017 🇲🇺

"My son was born on 27 April 2017 and since birth he had a left ear anteverted conchal bowl. This is a very rare ear deformity and I noticed this after around 12 days. I should admit seeing his ear like this made me quite depressed. I had never seen such an ear deformity before. I googled day and night about ear deformities and their surgery, called many clinics where ear deformities are corrected and didn't find any solution. During his one month check up his pediatrician said that nothing can be done for his ear malformation and that at the age of 10 years he then can go for plastic surgery to correct it. Another ear clinic as well told me that it is only aesthetic and there is no apparatus or moulding equipment over here in Mauritius or existing that can be used to correct his ear without surgery. Two other ENT specialists as well told me nothing can be done as he cannot be operated and to leave his ear as it is. Non surgical treatment for ear deformities also does not exist in Mauritius.

baby's ear sticking out

At birth

But as a mother and my son being dear to me I didn't lose hope and continued to google and research about ear corrections. I found non surgical treatments from EarBuddies, Otostick cosmetic instant correction equipment and earwell infant ear correction device. The only solution to my child’s ear deformity was found at EarBuddies, as it ships worldwide, reaches within a short span of time, offers solutions for various ear deformities and is not costly. I finally bought EarBuddies splints nearly 2 months ago. It was quite an easy process as all instructions and guidelines are found on the EarBuddies website.

I started splintage on 14th of June with a positive mind and ended it on 20th July 2017. I followed instructions on EarBuddies website for conchal bowl deformity, made both splints in a heart shape as per instructions and fitted both together in his left ear. Bandage were changed and his left ear checked every eight days. Of course, members of the family used to ask lots of questions when they saw his bandaged ear. My only answer was that he got an ear infection so that they will spare me from further questions. During splintage time, I used to feel worried, whether it will work or not. I saw improvement after the first eight days where the bulge coming outside went inside to some extent. I told myself that I need to continue and have patience with the splintage despite people would question me, and that this is for the betterment and future of my child who would be spared from people's and family members' curiosity, questions, ridicule and my child would not feel low self esteem later in his life because of his ear deformity.

baby's ear sticking out

Before EarBuddies™ - 1 month old

correction of sticking out ears with ear buddies | parent review

After EarBuddies™

Finally, EarBuddies has been a blessing for my son. Looking at his ear now nobody would believe that he previously had an ear deformity. EarBuddies I would like to say a huge thanks for creating such an amazing product that can save millions of babies from ridicule, low self esteem and costly surgery in future. With a Basic Kit my son's ear deformity has been cured for life. It is indeed a miracle that only EarBuddies splints can do. I will surely recommend EarBuddies splints to other babies having ear deformity as it has been a 100% success in my baby's case. I am really happy and satisfied as well as do not regret having invested in EarBuddies.

Thank you EarBuddies for your clear instructions, guidelines, quick shipping, support and most importantly this simple yet amazing product."

Sra. N y su Hijo

Junio 2017 🇪🇸

"Estimado Equipo de Earbuddies,

Quería comunicaros lo contentos que estamos después de que mi bebé haya dado por concluido los tres meses de tratamiento. Mi hijo tenía orejas de soplillo y me preocupaba mucho que se burlasen de él en el colegio o que creciese con complejos. Antes de probar Earbuddies probamos con otro tratamiento similar pero más caro sin que diese resultados, por eso pensé que quizá Earbuddies tampoco funcionaría. ¡Pero no podemos estar más contentos de haberlo probado!

"Fue mucho más fácil y cómodo de lo que pensábamos..."

Poner los esparadrapos fue mucho más fácil y cómodo de lo que pensábamos, incluso durante la época de primavera y verano en una zona tan cálida como el sureste de España y en una piel delicada como en el caso de mi hijo. Además, tras 15 días ya pudimos apreciar una gran mejoría. Aquí os dejo fotos del antes y el después para que podáis ver lo bien que le fue.

baby's ear sticking out


correction of sticking out ears with ear buddies | parent review


Hace ya 4 días que acabó el tratamiento y esperamos que sus orejitas se queden así para siempre. Muchas gracias por poner al alcance de todos un tratamiento tan sencillo y al mismo tan tiempo eficaz."

Andrea y su Hijo
Alicante, España

Mayo 2017 🇹🇷

"EarBuddies is the best and fastest way to prevent a bigger ear problem in the future. The website is very helpful about all the different types of ear deformity and it is very easy to find your baby’s ear deformity and fixing steps. I recommend you do not hesitate to get EarBuddies if you have any doubt about your baby’s ear. Because in the future, you may have a bigger problem and maybe solution is going to be harder. We were very worried about our newborn baby Miray’s left ear, so I made a search on the Web, found EarBuddies, and ordered; shipping was really fast. In just the second day, I could see the progress in her ear.

"In just the second day, I could see the progress in her ear."

We continued to use the splint, she wasn't disturbed about fitting the splint to her ear. But I highly recommend you to get adhesive tape remover. Because it really helps them when you get off the tape. The happiness will come to your house when you see the progress. I am very pleased of using the EarBuddies. I will recommend to all my friends. Thanks for the miracle EarBuddies!

baby's ear kinked

Before EarBuddies™

baby's ear with earbuddies fitted

EarBuddies™ Fitted

baby's ear corrected with ear molders and shapers

Result after 2 days

correction of sticking out ears with earbuddies

Result after 12 days

Ibrahim y su Hija Miray
Ankara, Turquía

Abril 2017 🇦🇺

"When my daughter was born it was very obvious her ears where very soft and when sleeping on either side her ears would fold in half causing the tops to have no shape. Like a lot of other parents after seeking all these opinions, I was told nothing could be done and her ears will correct themselves in time. At this point I knew I had to take control and start my own research. I still cannot believe it took this one simple sentence to google (correcting my baby's ears), and voila, there you have it! EarBuddies!

"At this point I knew I had to take control and start my own research."

baby ear folds forward when sleeping against pillow

Baby's ears folding over while sleeping.

"Thank you for educating me, thank you for giving me hope & thank you for letting me believe I can do this before I even got the product. My daughter was two months old when my kit arrived. I cannot express the excitement and joy me and my family felt after seeing my daughters ears after only two weeks. The results where outstanding, but we noticed her ears where still very soft, so we continued for 7 more weeks. The results truly speak for themselves. Thank you for this life changing product, you successfully changed my daughters life forever."

Denise y su Hija
Sydney, Australia
Here are some more photos from Denise:
baby's ear sticking out
correction of sticking out ears with ear buddies | parent review

Marzo 2017 🇬🇧

"My 9 month old daughter Emilia was a breech baby and packed like a sardine at 8.7lbs in my petite frame, so she had to be delivered by semi elected Ceasarean Section. The doctors and nurses said my daughters' feet were right up by her ears when they pulled her out!! When she was born I noticed she had lovely little ears, but they were extremely soft but flat except her left one was slightly sticking out more than the right one.

I assumed that this was from her position in the womb! I was paranoid when anyone was holding her telling everyone not to let her ears fold over. My mum and Nan said it was an old wives tale. Their words ringing in my ears (no pun intended!), I didn't pay much attention to Emilia folding her ears over constantly, especially when she slept. I did notice that her ears were starting to stick out a bit, but I didn't think much of it.

baby ear folds forward when sleeping against pillow

Emilia's ears folding over.

ear before treatment with Ear Buddies Shapers

Emilia's left ear was particularly prominent.

It was when she was just over 6 months old when I really took notice of a particular photo and realised how much worse they were getting. I typed into Google "will my baby's ears get better as she gets older?" and that's when I discovered Ear Buddies and got my answer, no they will not get better on there own!

I sat on my bed reading every inch of the Ear Buddies website including customer reviews for over an hour and armed with my information, I went to my partner and showed him. We had never really talked about Emilia's ears but we both knew what was happening but too afraid to say. My partner's first reaction was offence but then he came round to it once we discussed it. Of course our baby girl is the most beautiful baby we have ever seen to us, and actually her little sticky out ears were kind of cute! However, we agreed that SHE certainly won't think so when she gets older, she will always wear her hair down and feel self conscious. Then there are the school bullies, if there is anything in our power to prevent her being teased before having to resort to risky, painful surgery then we should grab it with both hands.

We needed to purchase the large kit with Emilia being 6 months old, but if there was a chance to fix our baby's ears and help her out, even if it didn't work we had to take it and it was worth every penny. We put the Ear Buddies on her on 31st December, 2 weeks later there was already a huge improvement!! We couldn't believe it.

baby's ear sticking out

Before 1st fitting

baby's ear treatment with earbuddies

EarBuddies™ fitted

Wing Nut Ear, correctly known as a Prominent Ear

EarBuddies™ fitted

correction of sticking out ears with ear buddies | parent review

After 2 weeks

We continued re-applying them every 2 weeks when we eventually had no further need to continue with them after 2.5 months as the ear cartilage has started to harden! We are absolutely thrilled with the results and we can't thank you enough!!! I will be forever grateful, from 1 very happy 1st time mummy :)"

using Ear Buddies to treat stick out ears

Before EarBuddies™

using Ear Buddies to treat stick out ears

After 8 weeks

Wing Nut Ear, correctly known as a Prominent Ear

After 8 weeks

correction of sticking out ears with ear buddies | parent review

After 10 weeks

stick out Ear Deformity from behind

Before EarBuddies™

ear after treatment with Ear Buddies Shapers

After 10 weeks

Melissa y su Hija Emilia
Barnsley, Reino Unido

Febrero 2017 🇬🇧

"This is Olivia who is now 6 months old ! She is a twin who was born 10 weeks premature. Due to being in an incubator for a long period of time and her ear cartilage being very soft her ear became deformed over time. This is 6 weeks results. After being told she would need surgery to correct it we are thrilled with the results."

stick out Ear Deformity
ear after treatment with Ear Buddies Shapers
Paris Stocker y su Hija Olivia
Devon, Reino Unido

Enero 2017 🇬🇧

"I would just like to provide some very positive anonymous feedback please from myself and my wife who are both health care professionals in the NHS. Your product is effective, easy to use and was really well tolerated by our new born son. I would suggest raising awareness of this great product with paediatric trainees who do the baby checks of new borns in hospital, midwifes and health visitors. For example, do you have a rep who visits maternity units? GPs should also be aware but don't typically see babies until 6-weeks. Our experience was that no health care professional we met knew anything about this treatment and we had to research this problem ourselves. The Fraser et al paper "Development of a screening service for neonatal ear deformity using neonatal hearing screeners and an information leaflet" in International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology in 2013 gave us the confidence to go ahead with it despite nobody else we met being aware of this treatment."

Sr. O, Un Doctor del Servicio Nacional de Salud (NHS) del Reino Unido
Reino Unido

"Thank you so much for an amazing product. I was so upset after attending a privately paid consultation to fix my baby's ear that there was nothing they could do. I thought I was out of luck and poor Harry would have to wait till he is older to have his ear corrected. Thankfully, after further research I came across the earbuddies and went straight ahead and bought the full kit.

Due to being told several times by professionals my baby's ear would correct itself, my son was already 6 months old when I started the process. We have splinted his ear for 3 months with no problems whatsoever. Attached are some amazing pictures and we are very happy parents with the results and thank you so much for such a fantastic product."

Ear Buddies Splints reshaping a Stahl's Ear
Stahl's Bar after treatment with Ear Buddies Shapers

3 months later

Sarah Patterson y su Hijo Harry
Portsmouth, Reino Unido
October 2016

"Mi bebé nació con orejas perfectas y planas. Aproximadamente a los 2 meses de vida se empezaron a doblar mientras dormía. Noté que esto hacía que sus orejas comenzaran a sobresalir. Me sentía enferma solo de pensar en ella siendo el blanco de burlas en la escuela por lo que busqué en internet alguna solución y en el camino encontré EarBuddies. Soy de Australia y no pude encontrar nada parecido localmente. Tenía dudas ya que era una compra internacional pero el proceso de la compra y el envío fue rápido y sencillo.

Coloqué las tablillas EarBuddies en las orejas de mi hija cuando tenía tres meses de edad. Las ha tenido puestas desde hace 3 semanas y los resultados están bastante cerca de ser asombrosos. Me alegro de haberlo hecho y pretendo dejarlas puestas por 3 meses, para que de este modo, se queden así de perfectas. Ella ni siquiera se da cuenta de que las lleva puestas y ponerlas y quitarlas es mucho más fácil de lo que pensé que sería. Gracias EarBuddies!"


solo 3 semanas después

Simone Marshall y su Hija
Berwick, Victoria, Australia
July 2016

"Las orejas de nuestro hijo eran muy asimétricas y la oreja izquierda se volvió más y más prominente con el tiempo. Cuando tenía 8 meses y medio de vida empezamos en el entablillamiento. Ahora tiene 12 meses y medio y estamos muy felices con el resultado. Hemos quitado las tablillas durante una semana y estamos muy satisfechos con el hecho de que se han quedado en su lugar, sin embargo, con frecuencia se doblan así que planificamos continuar con el entablillamiento hasta que el cartílago endurezca más. Ha tolerado las cintas adhesivas increíblemente bien y ahora es una parte más de la rutina.

Durante el entablillamiento

También quería agregar que nuestro hijo tiene la piel extremadamente sensible y no hemos tenido ningún problema con el sistema EarBuddies. Aplicamos una cantidad pequeña de Medihoney con un hisopo donde la oreja se encuentra con la cabeza y hemos notado un poco de irritación en la piel cuando nos olvidamos de hacerlo. También usamos el espray de barrera Cavilon y el removedor de adhesivo. Investigué mucho sobre las deformidades de las orejas y su tratamiento, sin embargo, su página no me salió como un resultado en la búsqueda de internet hasta que escribí literalmente "cinta adhesiva para orejas de soplillo".



Quería agradecerles a ustedes, EarBuddies, por ayudarnos a prevenir una futura cirugía cosmética y darle orejas simétricas a nuestro pequeño hijo durante su niñez temprana. Solo desearía haber encontrado esto antes. Espero que esto ayude a más familias a utilizar este producto que cambiará sus vidas."

Dr. Kristen H. y su Hijo
Iowa, Estados Unidos
Junio 2016

"¡Hola! Mi hermosa bebé, Emilia, nació con una oreja prominente. Ya que fui víctima de burlas por la forma en la que me veía cuando era una adolescente no quería que Emilia pasara por la misma experiencia debido a su "oreja de duende" pero tampoco quería hacerla pasar por un proceso quirúrgico así que busqué una solución alternativa y encontré el sistema EarBuddies. Ha tenido puesta las tablillas desde hace dos meses y, ¡sus orejas se ven asombrosamente bien!





La gente se reían de mi como si fuera una ridícula cuando decidí hacerlo, pero me alegro de haberlo hecho, ahora mi hermosa bebé tiene dos pequeñas y perfectas orejas. ¡Gracias!"

Niki y su Hija Emilia
Loughton, Essex, Reino Unido
Mayo 2016

"Mi hija Charlie nació con las orejas perfectas pero mientras los meses iban pasando sus orejas comenzaron a sobresalir más y más. Mi hijo mayor también tiene orejas de soplillo y comencé a preocuparme con la idea de que Charlie también tendría este problema. Fue mientras buscaba información sobre posibles soluciones para Harry cuando me encontré con EarBuddies.

Inmediatamente las compre pero estaba escéptica ya que ella tenía casi 5 meses de edad. Ahora tiene 9 meses y medio y, ¡no puedo creer la diferencia! Ojalá hubiera sabido de ellas en tiempo para ayudar a Harry. ¡No puedo recomendar las tablillas lo suficiente! Ahora me siento feliz de que Charlie puede crecer sin sentirse insegura por sus orejas. Gracias."



Tara Wooldridge y su Hijo Charlie Smith
Arnold, Nottingham, Reino Unido
Marzo 2016

“Quisiéramos darles las gracias por el excelente kit EarBuddies y por lo satisfechos que estamos con los resultados. ¡Un kit tan simple pero tan efectivo! La oreja derecha de nuestra hija Scarlett estaba completamente doblada en el momento en que nació y su cartílago era muy débil lo que pensamos que puede ser hereditario. Mi esposa tuvo un problema parecido cuando nació y tuvo una operación para corregirlo cuando tenía 5 años. Esperábamos no tener que pasar por este camino con Scarlett y también queríamos ver que se podía hacer al respecto. Afortunadamente, Google e EarBuddies fueron mis amigos y así ¡pedimos el kit EarBuddies, nos llegó y colocamos las tablillas durante las primeras 48 horas de su nacimiento! Yo mismo estaba un poco escéptico ya que su oreja no tenía ningún pliegue, sin embargo, estoy extremadamente satisfecho con los resultados. Mantuvimos las tablillas por dos semanas cada vez, para un total de 10 semanas. Esto es más de lo recomendado pero sentimos que debíamos dar lo mejor de nosotros y esperar a que el cartílago se endureciera lo suficiente para asegurarnos de que se mantendría la posición. Ahora, cuatro semanas después de haber retirado las cintas adhesivas por última vez, la oreja se ha movido un poco pero ha mantenido su pliegue y se ve mucho mejor. Hemos adjuntado fotos y las hemos etiquetado así podrán ver el progreso. Tenemos un millón más de fotos así que avísennos si desean otras. Ojalá Scarlett pueda ganar vuestro concurso de la oreja del mes, aunque si no es así, con estos resultados, ¡ya nos sentimos ganadores!”

antes de EarBuddies™

después de 6 semanas

Sr. B.H y su Hija Scarlett
Reino Unido
Julio 2015

“Siempre sufrí con mis orejas. Tuve una otoplastia en mi adolescencia y en mi familia, todos mis parientes con orejas prominentes tuvieron que recurrir a la cirugía.
Por esta razón, quería probar EarBuddies, a pesar del hecho de que mi hija tenía 4 años. Fue una buena decisión. Cuando mi hija nació, sus orejas eran hermosas, pero después empezaron a sobresalir, sobretodo la oreja de la izquierda... Después de colocar las tablillas EarBuddies, podía ver las primeras mejoras.
Mi hija iba a la guardaría en aquel entonces y tenía que quitarlas durante 25 horas cada semana. Tenía 4 años, pero todavía funcionaban bien. Acabé el entablillamiento de mi hija después de 9 meses, y aquí tiene los resultados. Medía las distancias como indicaba el sitio web, y ahora, la distancia es de 15 mm. Muchas gracias de nuevo por todo.”





I was amazed by the result. My daughter, 4 years old, ended the splinting of the left ear after 9 months, and these are the results, I started the 23th september and I finished the 22th June with this ear. The most malformed ear is perfect now. I and my husband are very happy of the result, and I'm so glad of purchasing your product, you saved another child from future complex.”

Resultado Final
Sra. T y su Hija
Junio 2015

“Santi, nuestro único hijo, nació con unas orejas preciosas que, a partir de los tres meses, comenzaron a separarse transformándose en orejitas de murciélago. Es el primer miembro de nuestra familia que tiene este tipo de orejas, así que por lo visto nunca se puede confiar en que saldrán perfectas. Mi padre decía que lo mas probable es que terminasen corrigiéndose solas con la edad, pero a mi madre no le convencía mucho la idea y me pidió que buscara como corregirlas, ya que no queríamos que se rieran de nuestro bebe en el futuro, cuando ya fuera al colegio. Así que busque por Internet hasta que encontré la web de EarBuddies y, después de mostrarle a mi marido las fotos de los antes y después, decidimos comprar un kit. Santi tenía cinco meses exactos cuando el paquete llego a casa ¡Y en las fotos se pueden ver los resultados después de tan solo un mes! Tres meses más y sus orejitas volverán a ser lindísimas. ¡Muchísimas gracias!"

Antes de EarBuddies

Después de un mes

Después de 1 mes

Después de 1.5 meses

Christina y su Hijo Santi
Enero de 2015

“Clark nació el 26 de julio del 2014. Sus orejas tenían una forma de copa muy pronunciada, con la derecha siendo lo peor. Sus orejas se estaban constantemente doblando, lo cual sólo empeoraba el problema. Sin embargo, después de 12 semanas, estaba claro que había un problema con sus orejas ya que estaban cada vez peores. Estábamos investigando nuestras opciones en cuanto a una cirugía cuando descubrimos ear buddies y nos pusimos muy felices al haber encontrado una opción no-invasiva y no-quirújica. Las pusimos con 12 semanas y han estado puestas constantemente durante 10 semanas y estamos muy contentos con los resultados. ¡La navidad ha llegado pronto para nosotros! Puede ver las fotos del antes y el después, las cuales estaríamos más que contentos si compartieran."

Antes de EarBuddies

10 semanas más tarde

Sra. RH y su Hijo
Bournemouth, Reino Unido
Diciembre 2014

“Dimos la bienvenida a nuestra hija, el 10/12/14 y nos dimos cuenta de que su oreja izquierda parecía un poco deforme. Pensaba que solo se había doblado de manera rara durante el parto, y los médicos dijeron que se arreglarían en un par de días. Siendo una persona escéptica, empezé rápidamente a investigar las malformaciones de las orejas de recién nacidos. A mi me parecía que las descripciones en la red señalaban que era una Oreja de Stahl, y empezé a buscar soluciones. Hice una cita con un cirujano plástico cuando tenía 3 días para ver si habían opciones para la corrección temprana. Dijo que nunca había tratado a un paciente tan jóven y que tendría que referirme a otro especialista en otra ciudad, a dos horas de distancia. También dijo que una oreja de Stahl es muy difícil de corregir, y que en muchos casos, la cirugía es la única opción, pero mi hija tendría que esperar hasta los 6-8 años. Salimos de su oficina muy cabizbajos debida a de la carencia de opciones. Esa noche, encontré su producto en línea. Lo pedí, y llegó una semana más tarde. Pusimos la tablilla EarBuddies en la oreja y lo aseguramos con cinta siguiendo las instrucciones en Internet. Después de un par de intentos, estaba satisfecha, y una vez en posición, no le molestaba. Tenía aproximadamente 8-9 días cuando pusimos la tablilla. ¡¡¡Asombrosamente, obtuvimos resultados increíbles en sólo dos semanas!!!

Antes de EarBuddies

Oreja de Stahl

2 semanas más tarde

Sin Oreja de Stahl

Estamos muy felices por haber probado su producto e impresionados con los resultados. Es increíble que el cirujano plástico no conociera su producto y que recomendara el uso de un prostético especial y una cirugía que habría costado miles de dólares. ¡¡Muchas gracias Earbuddies!! ¡¡¡Ustedes evitaron que mi bebé tuviera inseguridades en el futuro y que tuviéramos que pagar miles de dólares por una cirugía plástica!!! ¡¡¡Gracias de nuevo!!!”

Leopoldo y su Hija
San Diego, Estados Unidos
Octubre 2014


“Cuando nació mi hijo, antes de salir del paritorio, la matrona señaló que sus orejas eran prominentes, y dijo "pero es asombroso lo que se puede lograr con la cirugía hoy en día"! Al parecer, su honestidad fue una bendición, ya que sus comentarios quedaron en mi cabeza y poco después de llegar a casa, estaba buscando en Google, y encontré el sitio web de Ear Buddies. No quería que se burlaran de él por causa de algo que yo podía prevenir, y reconociendo que cada minuto cuenta, los pedi sin hablar con su padre, aunque pronto se puso de acuerdo con que valía la pena probarlas. Como sólo tenía 2 semanas, y me preocupaba que empeorara las cosas, pedimos a que las pusiera Rachel Hall, una Enfermera Clínica Especialista muy amable y servicial, entrenada por David Gault en The Portland Hospital. Siguiendo los consejos de Rachel, me sorprendió lo fácil que era poner las tablillas, cuando teníamos que cambiar las cintas. Después de solo 4 semanas, el resultado era increíble. Como yo seguía amamantando exclusivamente, retuvieron su nueva forma, pero eran todavía blandas y se doblaban hacia adelante durante el amamantamiento/ en la silla de bebé en el coche/ sobre el cuello de una prenda etc, entonces las mantuve en posición hasta que tuvo 4 meses, ya que no quería arriesgarme a perder el progreso que ya habíamos logrado. A medida que crecía, era un poco más difícil, ya que empezó a tocar las cintas, los cambios de cinta tardaban más, era más difícil proteger las cintas de la humedad en la bañera, y la piel se irritaba, lo cual me obligaba a cambiarlas más regularmente. Por lo tanto, recomendaría sin duda alguna que uno las ponga cuanto antes. Mientras más médicos de cabecera / matronas / asistentes sanitarios / otorinos conozcan su producto, mejor. Ninguno de los míos conocían el producto, (me di cuenta de esto al intentar encontrar alguien local que las pudiera colocar). Esto puede desalentar a un número de otros padres nerviosos, ya que está la preocupación de empeorar la situación, en lugar de mejorarla. Gracias Ear Buddies por un producto tan asombroso. Un inconveniente tan pequeño a cambio de un resultado para toda la vida. Se que mi hijo estará muy agradecido en el futuro. Las fotos que envío en el anexo son de antes del entablillamiento, durante, después de 4 semanas y después de 3 meses.”

Antes de EarBuddies

Durante el proceso

Después de 4 semanas

Después de 3 meses

Hayley y su Hijo Reggie
Septiembre 2014
Como corregir orejas salidas, despegadas, promientes y de soplillo sin cirugía

“My daughter was born with beautiful ears, but as the weeks passed her ears changed shape. The tops of both of her ears started to fold over. It became really noticeable. People said she had ears like a 'pixie' and while this could be seen as endearing on a baby, I did not want her to grow up being paranoid of them or worse still, being picked on because of them. Even though she was only 3 months, I started to research what a pinnaplasty might involve. The thought of my little girl going under the knife scared me, so I looked for alternatives. The only one I could find was EarBuddies. The instructions were thorough and simple to understand. Fitting the splits to the ears was a little tricky, but I managed to do it while my daughter was awake. As time went by, I hardly noticed the EarBuddies on her ears. She wasn't bothered by them at all, she didn't play with the splits or the tape and was more than happy to sleep on them. She wore them for a total of 10 weeks and I only had to change them 3 times. I was a little sceptical about how much difference they would actually make, but I was willing to give anything non-surgical a try. How could these little splints possibly work to re-mould the shape of ears? Now I am so thankful I came across the website and this product as they have changed the appearance of her ears dramatically. Now at 6 months, my daughter has her beautiful ears back. She will not remember her 'EarBuddies' experience, but I know she will be grateful to me in the future for intervening.”

Antes de EarBuddies

10 semanas más tarde

Sra. G.M
Agosto 2013

"Me llamo Laura y el nombre de mi hijo es Beck. Nació el 11 de Abril, 2012. ¡Va cumplir un año muy pronto! Cuando nació, mi marido y yo estábamos llenos de dicha. Entró al mundo con una salud perfecta. No podríamos haber pedido mucho más. Cuando le tuve en mis brazos por primera vez, me di cuenta de que sus orejas estaban muy puntiagudas. Mencioné esto a mi marido y nos miramos el uno al otro sin notar una punta en nuestras orejas. Pensaba que si sólo teníamos que preocuparnos por este problema, podríamos aguantar. En la foto abajo, Beck tenía 2 semanas. Cuando mi madre vino a visitar el bebé, se dio cuenta inmediatamente de sus orejas, le preocupaba que se burlaran de él en la escuela. Mi madre empezó a investigar maneras de arreglar sus orejas en la red. La mayoría de los sitios web en los Estados Unidos hablaban de la cirugía. Luego, encontramos su sitio web. Mi madre dijo que deberíamos probar los ear buddies. Son comparativamente baratos y no hacen daño al bebé de ninguna manera. Pedí las tablillas y las apliqué cuando Beck tenía un mes. ¡Les dejé en posición durante 3 semanas y media y sus orejas están completamente mejoradas! Sus orejas parecen muy lindas ahora, y la gente no puede creer las fotos de antes y después. ¡Muchísimas gracias ear buddies! ¡¡¡Habéis hecho una gran diferencia en la vida de mi hijo!!! ¡Gracias!”

Antes de EarBuddies

Hélix de la Oreja Plegada

3.5 semanas más tarde

Hélix de la Oreja desplegada

Laura y su Hijo Beck
Marzo 2013

“Cuando mi hijo Jason tenía aproximadamente 3 meses, mi di cuenta de que sus orejas estaban empezando a sobresalir bastante. Me preocupaba mucho ya que sé que el abuso escolar sobre las orejas es bastante común entre los niños, pero no sabía que hacer. Por casualidad pura, encontré los sitio web de "EarBuddies", y les escribí inmediatamente. ¡Jason llevó los ear buddies durante más o menos 3 o 4 meses y los resultados son asombrosos! Ahora es un chico muy sano y activo de 5 años y medio que vive en Australia. ¡La última cosa que le va preocupar en su vida son sus orejas!”
Kay Read y su Hijo Jason
Julio 2010

"About 9 years ago, the little boy in this video was on television in the UK wearing some EarBuddies. Look at those perfect ears now! He now lives in Canberra, Australia - hence the accent. He has perfect ears thanks to EarBuddies. So lucky I found the website in time for him!

“Me enteré de EarBuddies cuando mi hija tenía casi 5 meses. Nació con orejas perfectamente normales y esto sólo empezó a cambiar después de 3 meses. Sus orejas eran muy blandas y se doblaban cuando estaba en su cuna o en su silla de bebé en el coche, y eran cada vez más prominentes. Me preocupaba mucho que le afectara a medida que iba creciendo. Empecé a investigar después de que mi madre me dijo que iba a pagar su otoplastía cuando cumpliera los 18 años. Mi respuesta a esto fue que estaba segura de que a mi hija le gustaría que hiciéramos algo mucho años antes de su decimoctavo cumpleaños. Me enteré de EarBuddies buscando en Internet y rápidamente decidí a proceder con el tratamiento, pero tenía que convencer a mi marido, quién pensaba que no deberíamos hacer nada y dejarle decidir si para ella, eran un problema. Sin embargo, mucho otros parientes estaban de acuerdo con mi deseo de utilizar el sistema, y mi marido se puso de acuerdo también, y aplicamos los EarBuddies a Freya cuando tenía 5 meses. No me preocupaban los pensamientos ajenos y por eso no le puse el gorro rutinariamente y recibí con las manos abiertas cualquier pregunta sobre los EarBuddies que llevaba, ya que sabía sin duda de que estaba haciendo lo mejor para ella y interesantemente, cada persona que me preguntaba pensaba que era una idea fantástica y no podía creer que no era una opción más generalmente conocida, incluyendo mi asistente sanitario. Nunca podré ser más feliz con el resultado que hemos logrado y voy a seguir con el entablillamiento por un poco más de tiempo para asegurar que dure el resultado. Sólo espero que supiera de ear buddies mucho antes ya que mi sobrino de 3 años nació con una oreja en copa y tal vez ear buddies le hubiera ayudado. Las fotos son de ella antes del entablillamiento y después de 6 semanas de entablillamiento.”

Antes de EarBuddies

Después de 6 semanas

Sra. J.B., Reino Unido
Reino Unido
Febrero 2010

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