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Worried Baby's ears stick out and want to fix them? Ear Buddies Splints reshape the soft cartilage of baby ears, resulting in a permanent, surgery-free correction. Correct Sticky Out Ears with Ear Buddies.

Ear of the Month - August 2021 🇺🇸

“I am so thrilled with the amazing transformation in our son’s ear. He was born with Conchal Crus in his left ear. My mama gut told me to try to find answers and my online search quickly led me to the EarBuddies website where I immediately realized what deformity my baby had. It alarmed me to read that people with this deformity may not be able to use in-ear devices like hearing aids. We decided to take a chance and order EarBuddies.

It was such a great decision. At two weeks old we inserted the splint and taped our son’s ear without him ever waking from his nap. He never seemed bothered by the tapes or splint during the two weeks we kept it in. When we removed the splint at four weeks old, we were amazed. I am so grateful for EarBuddies. People cannot believe the difference when we show them his before picture. Thank you so much EarBuddies!”

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Ear of the Month - July 2021 🇬🇧

“Jacob was born with one ear sticking out and no fold, this was causing his ear to fold over when sleeping which was making it worse. I decided to have a browse on the internet to see if there was anything I could do, this is when I come across EarBuddies.

I have always disliked my ears and to be honest I wish this was around for my mom to do when I was a baby! It would have saved me a lot of insecurities. So I decided to ignore everyone and do what I thought was best for my son.... and woah the results are amazing!! Jacob was 6 weeks old when I first fitted his EarBuddies. I followed the instructions word for word, Jacob has not had one sore from the tape, his delicate baby skin is still smooth and healthy! I would highly recommend to any parent.

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Ear of the Month - June 2021 🇮🇪

“Can I just start by saying thank you so much for this amazing super simple solution to what could have been an enormous emotional roller coaster in years to come. As I was searching I came across EarBuddies and immediately started going through all the information and pictures. I knew straight away I had to try it and am ever so thankful I did. I ordered straight away and fitted as soon as it arrived after Christmas. Even the kit it comes in is lovely and very well presented.

Fitting them was easy once you got the hang of it after the first time. As my son was 3 months at the time the recommended time for splintage was 3 months. After the first two weeks of splintage, while changing the tapes, I could not believe how much the ears had moved in. They had both moved in a good 5 to 8 mm. I removed them yesterday (after 3 months) and am soooo happy with the results. I will tell everyone about EarBuddies and now have the proof to show people who may question it. Thank you so so much from Amy and baby Tyler, who will thank you in years to come 🙂”

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